List of pre-qualified contractors for construction completion and equipping of outreach learning centres of the institute

  1. Sungafun Nigeria Limited
  2. Gridline Nigeria Limited
  3. Ramussal International Limited
  4. Jam Jam Dynamic Platform Limited
  5. Beenat International Company Ltd
  6. Nexamoor Multi Resources Ltd
  7. Nation Wide Drillers Ltd
  8. Heezeem General Merchants Limited
  9. Phiser Engineering & Solutions Ltd
  10. Bookerntan Nigeria Limited
  11. Venus Construction Company Limited
  12. Scheinder Prime Innovation Ltd
  13. Rapha Global Links Enterprises Ltd
  14. Sleyrich Company Nigeria Ltd
  15. ShollyFrontlinkImpec Limited
  16. Danbaba Universal Solution Limited
  17. Plysmouth Blake Resources Limited
  18. Loggiano (Nigeria) Limited
  19. Edil Nigeria Limited
  20. DanKudan International Limited
  21. Dashnamak Construction Limited
  22. Intergrated Yack & Sons Limited
  23. Ha’ad Construction & Dev. Limited
  24. Hily Lash Nigeria Limited
  25. Dan Marke Trading Co. Limited
  26. Scheinder Worldwide Links
  27. Mubali International Nigeria Limited
  28. Nasamu Ultimate Concerns Limited
  29. Revival Resources Global Investment Limited
  30. Land Builds Consortium
  31. Shazumami Nigeria Limited
  32. Ashraf Platform Logistics Limited
  33. Kinley Global Ventures Limited
  34. Vipan Global Investment Resources Limited
  35. AYYG & Sons Nigeria Ltd
  36. Abilele Industries Limited
  37. Two-4 Seven Modernise Limited
  38. BuildWorths Limited

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